English class (17 children/2 teachers + native speaker) - since September 2022

10.200 Kč/monthly

4 days/week: 8.670,- , (limited places available)
3 days/week: 7.650,- , (limited places available)


Czech class (19-21 children/2 teachers) - since September 2022

6.200 Kč/monthly


Food:  deposit 1300Kč/monthly (53,8,-/day)

* The price covers all-day education program and care, school preps, speech therapy prevention, specialized activities, materials, excursions and trips, an insurance. 

When Covid closes us down: during education at distance we count the school fee from actual necessary costs (salaries mainly) and try to help each other to hold on. The state funds for pedagogical salaries help us a lot.


Summer school program: Czech class: 2.400,-/weekly, food included

Summer school program: English class: 2.800,-/weekly, food included

Do not hesitate to contact us for individual payment schedules or other needs ;-)