Our team

Bc. Hana Pokorná


The first real impulse for work with children was her au pair stay in the UK. After that she has begun studying pre-school pedagogy at Masaryk University and at the time of the study fortuitously came to work in Safirka. It totally enchanted her and she spent 8 years in this friendly environment as a teacher in czech class. Now she makes use of her knowlidge of school and team as a director.
Favorite motto: "While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about."

Mgr. Pavla Velinská

deputy directress

Pavla grew up in the scout troop and later took part in its leadership. This experience fundamentally influenced her in the future as well - she likes to be in contact with nature, needs to work in a good team and likes to work with children. She studied Special Education and Social Education and Free Time at Masaryk University. After studying for a longer period of time, she anchored in an organization working with people with visual impairments, and then by chance she was drawn to Safirka, with which she has been connected almost from the very beginning. She is the mother of three little "dragons", who have turned her perception of the world, approach to upbringing and education upside down. Safirka is dear to her because of her openness towards children, parents and colleagues.

Mgr. Andrea Dittrichová


Andrea studied special pedagogy with a focus on speech therapy, deafness and specific learning disabilities at PedF MU in Brno. Already during her studies, she led speech therapy circles as part of extracurricular activities and focused on children and families with autism spectrum disorders. After graduating, she worked as an early care counselor and then as a kindergarten teacher. She sees huge potential in children and likes to be inspired by them.

Mgr. Jana Kobzová

Teacher Lizards (Ještěrky)

Jana studied special pedagogy with a focus on speech therapy, special education of people with hearing impairment and specific learning disabilities at the Faculty of Education, Masaryk University in Brno. Already during her studies she led speech therapy circles, worked as an assistant teacher at  primary school and there reeducated specific learning disabilities. After graduating, she taught in the speech therapy  kindergarten  class for several years. Her two children changed her worldview  in many ways.

Lucie Jeřábková

Teacher Lizards (Ještěrky)

Lucka studied personal management and she has been involved in this area throughout her practice. However, the birth of her second son was the impuls for a reassessment of her current way of life and led her to take a big step in making a professional change. She started studying Teacher Training for Kindergartens and worked part-time as a substitute teacher in Safirka and is now a teacher in the Lizard class. She is very grateful for this opportunity, because she can give her energy somewhere, where it makes sense to her. She sees working with children as a great responsibility, joy and mission.

Bc. Zuzana Nováčková

teacher in Mole Class (Krtečci)

Zuzana began working with children as temporary work during her university studies. She spent four years working in a family with seven children. After this experience she went to the Diocesan Youth Centre where she worked with the youth for two years. Then, she began studying Preschool Education at Masaryk University and also began working part-time in Safirka, where she is now working full time in the little Moles class. "I like to marvel, step into puddles, dig with a stick into the ground... and with the children I can do it often. I like to learn, observe ... I even learn from the children, from what they tell me or how they react, from their worldview and their logic. I learn even from their parents and from their approach to children, from colleagues, because we are all different. With children I share the idea that every moment in life is precious - children know it naturally and enjoy every moment. I had to go back to this realization. Life is a wonderful gift." 

Mgr. Barbora Vajdíková

teacher in Mole class (Krtečci)

Bára decided to devote her career to preschool children already in early adulthood. The study itself was aimed at children who were often neglected in the past, namely children with special educational needs. She therefore studied special pedagogy with a focus on psychotherapy at the Masaryk University in Brno. She started as a teacher's assistant and is now a teacher in the Moles class. She is constantly trying to develop both in pedagogical areas and in artistic and movement expression. She likes to pass on her love of creativity and nature to children. She perceives them as a mirror in which the world is reflected and at the same time as beings in which infinite wisdom is hidden.

Mgr. Katarína Zimčíková

English teacher in Dragon class (Dráčci)

Katka studied social work and social pedagogy at University of Matej Bel in Banska Bystrica. During her studies she has worked in foster care house, she was a coordinator of primary school – based drug prevention programs and also she worked at a child abuse hotline. Language studies led her to Great Britain where she lived for six years. She worked with small children all along. For the last two years, she had been a teaching assistent at the reception class of primary school inspired by the Reggio Emilia aproach. She had the privilege of being at the very beginning of kindergarten Safirka. Katka participated in the Reggio Emilia International Study group in Italy and she enthusiastically applies her knowledge in her work with children. She is a mum of two girls. 
“Help children climb their mountains, as high as possible.” Loris Malaguzzi

Mgr. Monika Reichstäterová

Czech teacher in Dragon class

Monča studied art education and special pedagogy with a focus on speech therapy and special education of people with hearing impairment therapy at the Faculty of Education, Masaryk University in Brno. Already during her studies, she worked as an assistant lecturer in art and ceramic events for children. She started working in Safirka right from its foundation. After five years on maternity leave, she returned to Safirka. She enjoys and fills especially with work with children on art projects. She supports children in their own thinking about the possibilities of processing. Working in Safirka in a great team of children and colleagues, in the beautiful environment of the Kohoutovice forests, is very inspiring and stimulating for her. She is grateful that she can be close to children, helping them, enjoy the results of working together and that thanks to them she can see the world through their eyes.

Veronika Chatrná

Czech teacher in Monkey class

Veronika graduated in Preschool and Leisure time Pedagogy. She has experience in kindergartens of various specializations and also has experience in organizing events for both children and adults. In her last job, she helped start a family business, but her heart was always with the children, and she always wanted to return to work as a kindergarten teacher. Working with preschool children fullfills her, their curiosity and desire to learn is such motivating! She is very interested in working in a bilingual class. Her interests include traveling, she is an enthusiastic athlete.

Petra Doris Rossalinni

english teacher in Monkey class

Zayda Wilson

native speaker

Zayda studied elementary education at UNCW in the USA, which included a year abroad in Malta. In her senior year of high school, she was a teacher's assistant at the local elementary school she went to as a child, and also a basketball coach to 3rd graders. She spent summers working as a nanny and as a camp counselor, so a career in teaching made perfect sense. She always remembers how important the role of her 1st grade teacher was when she was learning to read, and hopes to have the same positive influence on her student's as they learn to navigate their own intelligence.

Marek Větrovský

afternoon teacher in czech classes

Kateřina Valachová

afternoon teacher

Lucie Bohatá



Mgr. Jitka Vavrušová

substitute teacher

Marie Comte-Baltusová, Jakub Březina

Executive directors

Světlana Kučerová

care taker, janitor

Eva Vitézová

Cleaning lady