Enrolments for next school year: May 2023 

Registration is opened!

We accept children from 3 to 6 yrs old to the English and Czech classes during the whole year (depending on free capacity). It is possible to accept younger children on a request (2,5 yrs old). Usually the big enrolment is taken for  children starting in September. After filling in an on-line registration you will receive information about the enrollment that will be taken in May.

At the first turn of enrollments you need to bring us following 3 documents together with your ID and child´s birth certificate. Soon after you will be able to come to school for the enrollment decision, sign the contract and pay the first month fee. The dates of enrolment days will be announced in our web news and on the board. 

 Thank You!

More info: 


The results of the admission procedure can be found in the pdf attachment at the bottom of the page.

Parents of admitted children will receive an email with the information within the next 2 weeks (by the end of May). Parents of non-admitted children will receive a Decision of Non-admission by post.

We will send out invitations to those who have registered (how and when to register can be found in the "Registration of Applicants" section) during April.

The enrolment dates are:

1st term

2nd term 

3rd term (alternate) 

*To be completed by the end of March 2024.

Documents to be submitted by the legal representative, in person or sent as an attachment:

  1. Application for Admission of the Child to Kindergarten (downloadable at the bottom of the webpage).
  2. Proof of the child's compulsory vaccinations (downloadable at the bottom of the page - part of the application for admission document)

According to Section 50 of the Public Health Protection Act, a condition for the admission of a child to the kindergarten is the fulfillment of the obligation to undergo the specified regular vaccinations or to have proof that the child is immune to the disease or cannot undergo the vaccination due to a contraindication. This obligation does not apply to children fulfilling compulsory pre-school education.


The legal representative verifies this obligation with a confirmation from a pediatrician. The confirmation will be issued by the doctor if the prescribed anti-epidemic measures are adhered to. The confirmation may be included as part of the Application for Admission or as a separate attachment. 

  1. The child's birth certificate (in case of remote enrolment email with an electronic signature, data box, mail - please send us a copy).
  2. Your valid ID card or proof of the child's permanent residence (in case of remote enrollment - email, data box, mail - please send us a copy).

The order of children will be determined based on criteria (see school regulations) and the number of available places. A decision will be made within 30 days after the application deadline.

We will inform you about the admission/rejection decision after the admission process is completed.

Practical info:

A CHILD ENTERING KINDERGARTEN SHOULD BE ABLE TO perform/do/show (usually around the age of 3)

·        basic self-care

o   eats independently with a spoon –= does not need to be fed

o   puts on some items of clothing – for example, pulls up trousers, puts on underwear, puts on slippers, or can put on a t-shirt or sweatshirt.

·        basic hygiene habits and skills

o   doesn’t use diapers anymore

o   is able to defecate on the children's toilet

o   can flush the toilet

o   washes his/her hands

o   uses a towel

o   is encouraged to sniffle independently, with assistance if necessary

o   tries to cover his/her mouth (ideally with his/her elbow) when coughing

·        level of speech

o   at least passive speech understanding

o   basic response from the child ( e.g.: head nodding for yes)

o   possibly non-verbal communication (e.g. showing what he/she wants)

o   the child is no longer in need of a baby dummy/ pacifier  

If your child is not yet at the required level in any of these areas – try practicing with them until September. You will definitely see a difference.

Looking forward to new kids! :-D