Great school, my son is more than satisfied here and doesn't even want to go home.”
(Honzík's dad, Czech class) 

“ Very nice (familiar) approach to children, great communication teacher – parent, trips, get together events....we are very happy here, we truly recommend!” 
(Verunka's mum, Czech class)  

“Both my sons attended Safirka. At first I had chosen the school because of the bilingual program and I was absolutely satisfied. The older son, that is in 4th grade of elementary now is still building on that what he had learned at Safirka, his ability to understand and communicate in English proves that we had chosen well. The younger son (in 1st grade now) seemed for long time not to be too touched by the language, however during his last year at Safirka he suddenly showed a great progress. Great thanks for that, especially for the opportunity to have both, native English and English speaking teachers.
Except for the English we were also nicely surprised by the whole approach and program of the school. During all these years there have been a fantastic team, and I mean not only the teachers but everybody around. I appreciate that children can call the teachers “auntie” or by the name and therefore they accept them as natural authorities and friends at the same time. The school is full of openness, support for children's fantasy and cooperation. I liked the classes filled by children's creative works. I always received plenty of information about the child and the school. 
I have nothing particular against the public preschools but I am very grateful that I could have made this choice. Also we have kept many friends from there.” 
(Mum of Luky and Matýsek, English classes) 

As a parent I really appreciated that I knew what my children had been doing over the day. And I could see that the teachers were there for them because I had never learned just “they were fine” but also some specific details that were so characteristic for my children. As parents we could sometimes stay at Safirka and play, also we attended the parents reunions without kids. I was looking forward to each parent's meeting with the teachers. I really appreciate the Reggio Emilia approach because it helps kids to develop and grow without pushing them into exact frames and it gives them the freedom to be creative and inventive in their own ideas......” 
(mum of Matýsek and Jonášek, English class)  

„I consider enrolling my kids to Safirka as one of the best investments to their development and education. Safirka offers a loving environment to children and enough of the opportunities for parents to learn how their child spends his time at school. The school program is well balanced: educational activities x free play, time spent in classes x outside. Safirka is perfectly located next to the forest where kids can profit from the nature. There are also many interesting events and trips over the school year. And what more! The last year school excursion for the oldest kids becomes a legendary event to conclude these great years. I must not forget to thank for the professional speech therapy care at school as well!“
(mum of Oli en Iza, English classes) 

“Satisfied kid makes the best evaluation.” 
(Honzík's dad, Czech class)