Do the Czech classes have any English?

In the Czech classes children have an English circle with a native speaker once a week where they get familiar with the basis of the language. Children can also gain from the presence of English speakers during common events or joined classes.

When can I visit the school before enrolling?

On first Saturday of April you are welcome to spend a morning at our school with your kids and family and “taste” some playing, creating and experimenting at our classes. It is a great opportunity to see our school and meet our teachers.  Also you can ask any questions during the open discussion with the directress of the school.

How is adaptation of my child going to be?

When enrolled you will be invited to one introductory morning to your new class where you can meet your teachers and future classmates. Adaptation then stars by your first day of the school. We do our best to respond to individual needs of the child and parents. We recommend to the parents to speak often about school at home and help them to perceive this change in a positive way. Sometimes first days at school might be sad or difficult. But do not let yourself drawn down, find your good bye ritual and do not hesitate or prologue too much. It wouldn't help to anybody. Our teachers will help you with that and if you are too worried do not hesitate to call us later to see how your child is doing. Do not worry it won't take much time and your child will refuse to go home when you come pick him/her up in the afternoon.....

How is it working in the bilingual class? Isn't my child going to be lost? Isn't it too early to learn another language?

Bilingual education enables children to learn both languages in an English-Czech environment during the daily program. The process of learning happens naturally during all activities and communication with Czech and English speaking teachers and classmates (most of the kids are Czech). The progress in both, mother and foreign languages is enabled within easy and illustrative communication.The earlier children start the easier for them to absorb two and more languages. The brain is developing the same language center as for the mother tongue whereas later on we employ a different cerebral center to learn foreign languages.

What clubs or special activities do you propose?

During whole week children have enough of organized activities and free play: singing, sport, dancing, creative activities. During the main program they attend Reggio atelier, school preparations and speech therapy. The free play is very important for young child's healthy development and social skills. It is especially afternoon children have space to be together and play freely. For older children we propose sport with Lemur or winter skiing (charged by Lemur).

How do you prepare children for elementary school?

The school preparation makes a part of our daily curriculum depending on the age of children. For the oldest children we organize a special school preparation groups every day from 8:00 to 8:30 and also in the “non-sleepers” classes in the afternoons. When children manifest/show some difficulties we propose an educational- stimulation group for kids and their parents with a well tested system of activities. We inform you about the progress of your child during consultations and parents meetings. If needed we propose also special speech therapy sessions for preschoolers.

Does my kid have to sleep at school?

The morning program at school is active and make children often tired so it happens that the children that do not usually sleep at home sleep at school. If we see that the child doesn't sleep repeatedly we move him/her with your permission to the non-sleepers class. Children rest shorter time on beds (without changing to pyjamas) and listen to the stories, then have some school preps and free play. The non-sleepers (=resting) class is meant especially for the oldest kids.

What can I do to make my kid accepted to Safirka?

We recommend the early registration at the first place because it influences the order of accepted children if there are not enough places for everybody. The registration is valid from September of the previous school year your child starts. If you need to place your child already during the current school year contact the school office. We accept children from 3 yrs old prior to younger or older children.

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