Safirka Preschool 

Safirka Preschool was founded by Marie Baltusová in 2010 with a great support of her family, friends and other people. “After working in Australia and New Zealand I came back to Brno with many new ideas and inspiration what preschool education should represent. I got very enthusiastic about Reggio Emilia approach. I found it so magical and natural at the same time! After coming back I couldn't find anything like that in Brno. I understood how preschool education is important in creating the child's relationship toward learning. I wanted to create an environment where children will learn with joy and enthusiasm so natural to them. A place where they will feel at home, where they can express freely their emotions and materialize their ideas and be creative. The school where parents will stay in touch with what is going on at school, feel welcome.....At first it seemed unreal to manage it through all the laws and financial difficulties.  But thanks to couple of lucky meetings finally it was possible to start the Safirka project and since then it has flourished. We were starting with 19 kids and now we have 74. We are full and other teachers come to get inspired at our school!”

The idea of bilingual classes

“ The idea of bilingual classes was a response to parents' wishes at first but also a reflection of my multicultural education. I didn't like the idea of children learning English only as we live in The Czech Republic, have our language and culture. That is why I let myself inspired by bilingual families where each parent speak their mother tongue. This model works very well. Everybody feels comfortable and the children learn in their own rhythm. English becomes a necessary skill nowadays”

Non-violent communication

„ Thanks to one of our parents we got inspired and trained in Non-violent communication (by Marshal Rosemberg). It helps us to stay connected with ourselves and speak sincerely, solve the conflicts as partners and express our needs. I am very grateful for this experience”