Reggio Atelier

Atelier provides creative activities for smaller groups of children. Our atelierista usually takes a group of children once every week to the atelier next door at the elementary school where she prepares interesting provocations for children. They develop creative ideas into long term projects. The creativity is not limited here....children can express themselves by art, dance, sound, movement. That is why atelier became very popular among children and its final works and presentations please all the parents and teachers. Thanks to the small groups (4-6 children) the work becomes very individual and the atelierista can react on all new ideas and impulses coming from children.

Experimenting with light

The speciality of Reggio atelier is also an atelier of light. We often play with “light” in our classes, especially in winter dark days. Light and shade, color and direction, composition get interest of children while they often learn their first  principles of physics....