In Safirka we speak 100 languages...

Young children express themselves in many ways. They learn their language naturally in daily situations and games. Communication happens at many levels simultaneously and therefore is illustrative and comprehensible for everybody. In early childhood our language compartments develop in our brains in a natural way. That is why it is so natural and easy for young children to communicate in more languages. The language learning in the preschool could be compared to the one in a bilingual family. Some teachers speak only English and some only Czech so the children are motivated to communicate in both languages. 

Bilingual education

Bilingual education enables children to learn both languages in an English-Czech environment during the daily program. The process of learning happens naturally during all activities and communication with Czech and English speaking teachers and classmates. The progress in both, mother and foreign languages is enabled within easy and illustrative communication.

Czech classes

In Czech classes children have opportunity to meet native speaker during relaxing hours after lunch where they learn foundational English. Otherwise the daily program is in Czech only. The children can benefit from bilingual environment when the classes are joined or when they do common events.

Every language opens new door for you...