Parents as first educators of their children

Parents are respected by our teachers as partners. We respect parents’ suggestions and are happy to cooperate. Regular meetings are set up on a group or individual basis to help exchange information about the child’s interests, progress or problems. Through cooperation we can achieve greater progress and understanding. You have access to information about your child every day (daily chronicles, photos, diaries). 

Parents involvment at school

Parent involvement is important to us. Our teachers present kids projects and learning to parents to achieve better understanding and involvement. Thanks to parents we can enrich our sources with other books, materials and trips. Parents come to classes to represent their work or do an activity together with kids. For kids it is always a great experience! Parents can also gather at their own events to exchange experiences and help. Every parent can join Safirka group.

"Auntie, Auntie! Come and have a look what we built in our class with my daddy today!"